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2017 Budget Changes - Extend Eligibility for the Tuition Tax Credit

The Government is firmly committed to helping Canadians of all ages receive
the training and skills they need to succeed in the economy of today and
tomorrow. The Tuition Tax Credit plays an important role in this effort, and
recognizes the cost of enrolling in post-secondary and occupational
skills courses.
Currently, students who take occupational skills courses below the postsecondary
level (e.g., training in a second language or in basic literacy and
numeracy to improve job skills) at a college or university cannot claim the Tuition
Tax Credit, but those who take similar courses at a non-post-secondary institution
can claim it. To improve fairness, Budget 2017 proposes to expand the range of
courses eligible for this credit to include occupational skills courses that are
undertaken at a post-secondary institution in Canada, and to allow the full
amount of bursaries received for such courses to qualify for the scholarship
exemption (where conditions are otherwise met). These changes will take effect
as of the 2017 tax year.

Source: https://www.budget.gc.ca/2017/docs/plan/budget-2017-en.pdf